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Vintage Watchdial Hairclips
Vintage Enamel Earrings
Vintage Enamel Hair Jewelry
Antique Tintype Brooches
Vintage Watchdial Brooches
Vintage Photo Treasure Boxes
Celestial Treasure Boxes

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Designs By Shari L. Lewis D e s i g n s  b y
S h a r i  L.  L e w i s
J e w e l r y • T r e a s u r e b o x e s • H a i r  O r n a m e n t s

All my designs combine vintage materials
with a contemporary sense of form and function.

Most are one of a kind.

Browse through the collection of handmade
treasure boxes and jewelry. Custom pieces
incorporating your heirlooms and photos are
a specialty.

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