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Miscellaneous Items and New Designs

This section is devoted to new design ideas, or items made with
very rare or limited vintage elements. Click on any image for a
closer look.

Check back often!

Vintage '50's "3D" Hairclips

These fun hairclips are created from a sheet I found of plastic
"flicker" watchdials from the late '50s. The figures "move" in 3D
action when you do. A small glass bead is sits in center the where the hands would have been.

They measure 1 1/2" long and stay in short, fine hair very well.
Click for a Closeup
Dale Evans
Flicker Hairclip
Click for a Closeup
Flicker Hairclip
Click for a Closeup
Flicker Hairclip
$12.50 each
$20.00 a pair
(two of a kind or mix and match!)

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